Don’t worry, get oily!

By now, most have heard about, and tried out, essential oils! You too? There’s A LOT of choices out there! Do you feel like you need an education in “oilology” in order to get started? I’ve got good news.

Today — July 20th — at 12:00 I’m holding an introductory class on essential oils at Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. In the area? Stop by! You might win a prize!

Need help getting started using oils on your own? CONTACT ME so you can stock up on these Certified Therapeutic Grade products!

Back to School! Are you ready?

Frankincense isn't just for Christmas  
Buying backpacks, stuffing them with school supplies, trying on new outfits, deciding on the best school lunch items . . .

Does this describe you?

I'm spending these next few days updating this page with BACK-TO-SCHOOL tips that I'm sure will help reduce the stress, get you excited, make you fit for the "Best. Mom. Ever." award! Ready? Let's go!

Very helpful tips on BACK-TO-SCHOOL with Jeanette Fransen

Very helpful tips on BACK-TO-SCHOOL with Jeanette Fransen

I was glued to the screen watching this helpful video by Jeanette Fransen, a mother of several kids, including her special needs son (who loves to apply Frankincense to the roof of his mouth). CLICK HERE to watch her back-to-school tips.

Tip for today: FRANKINCENSE! It's available from doTERRA (the essential oils company that I partner with). Called "the King of Oils," believe me, there's practically nothing this essential oil can't do! Addressing issues with your immune system, digestion, and skin (to name a few), Frankincense is vital to your arsenal as you protect your family as they get ready for school. How to use:

  • Rub Frankincense on your hands, neck, or bottoms of feet for a soothing, warming effect.

  • Apply topically to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.

  • Massage on the temples throughout the day to balance mood.

  • Roll on pulse points and forehead during yoga or meditation.

CONTACT ME so I can help you order Frankincense in a handy bottle or as a roll-on. I'll educate you with even more tips about Frankincense and other oils!

Let's Celebrate with Essential Oils!

What can Essential Oils do for you? Learn what essential oils are, where they come from, how they can help support your specific situation, and how easy it is for you to get them in your home!

I'm hosting a number of fun classes in my home in the month of August. You'll come to one, right? Can't wait to see you there!

SIGN UP NOW for a fun, educational class in Kennesaw, Georgia! 

Can't come to a class? I'll be happy to meet with you one-on-one. I'm always excited to share the benefits of "getting oily"!

Introducing my Consultation Package

We all get off track sometimes. You too? Experiencing low energy? Brain fog? Skin issues? Trouble sleeping? Problems focusing? It's time to listen to your body and get help!

CLICK HERE to learn more about my Consultation Package, personalized just for you! 

Can't wait to Educate, Encourage, and Empower you to get better!

My passion with Together to Health

When I meet new people and they ask me what I like to do, here is my answer:

I support families in transition by discovering their felt needs and creating a plan using the power of essential oils, the knowledge of natural health solutions, and applying educational strategies.

I love working with families who are challenged by the arrival of a new baby, trouble sleeping, kids with developmental struggles, the parents’ responses to behavior problems, poor nutritional habits, environmental toxins, or caring for an aging parent.

Need to refer me to a loved one with some of these challenges? Click on this business card and let them know – or let me know – that I'm here for them. Thank you!! 


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